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Wholesale and Distribution As the drive for globalization, automation and personalization create pressure on profit margins, success for today’s Distribution companies is contingent on increasing operational efficiency and team productivity. The invoice to cash cycle, renown for its tedious tasks and resource-intensive processes, represents a key opportunity to drive these improvements. VersaPay’s ARC platform streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle through automation, ultimately resulting in faster payments and a reduced DSO.

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Manufacturing Cash seldom comes in quickly enough. Manufacturers struggle to get customers to pay on time, which leaves them squeezed financially as they manage growth.

You’re not alone. This problem is entirely typical when your accounts receivable process is paper-based and highly manual. There are many points of friction in the process which cause delays: from time in the mail, to invoice errors, and invoices stuck in a pile of papers on someone’s desk, it’s no wonder payments are delayed.

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Transportation and Logistics Transportation and logistics businesses are in a highly competitive market, often with pressure on operating margins. Issuing invoices and supporting documentation relies heavily on labor-intensive processes such as printing, mailing, emailing, faxing, and scanning of invoices and documents.

Issues around missing documentation and disputes about invoice accuracy both contribute to late payments, and once payment is received, manually matching payments to invoices causes further delays.

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Business Services Companies in Business Services face numerous challenges due to increasingly complex competitive landscapes and the growing demands of customers who are more sophisticated than ever, empowered by the ability to research online.

Once a new customer is secured, it is vital that businesses continually look for new and better ways to cement the relationship, including making it easy and more convenient to do business together. An outdated AR process creates friction and customer frustration, resulting in delayed payments and tense relationships.

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Commercial Real Estate Commercial REITs focus intently on cashflow, but typical AR processes mean this focus drives a lot of effort. Accounts receivable teams are loaded with manual tasks such as chasing down late payments, collecting tenant sales reports, and determining where to apply checks with missing or incorrect remittance information.

Thankfully, more and more tenants are looking for self-service options. This creates an opportunity to automate AR processes, facilitate online collaboration, and give your tenants what they want.

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Media While your business is working hard to move content online, you are still running an AR process which is offline – highly manual and paper or email-based.

Out-dated AR process cause delays, and delays in collecting receivables are costly to your business. Emails are better than paper, but it still takes valuable time to create emails and attach necessary documentation (such as tearsheets and contracts), and manual follow-up is still necessary. There is a better way.

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